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                                                         Because Home is the Best place to be!

Every new home built by Smart Custom Homes is unique, with a custom design created just for you. The vision you have for your new home can sometimes be hard to explain. We have become experts at listening to your ideas, injecting your personality, character and values and translating them into the concept for your new home. You work directly with both Bryan and Maureen who control all aspects of the construction process. This personalized approach ensures that your home is built to our exacting standards, as well as yours.

We are with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.   We go with you to every meeting and help  you make every materials choice to ensure that your home is what you envisioned.  This approach also allows us to keep your home on pace with the schedule and on budget.  Let's be honest, budget is important and plays a part in most decisions.  We will help you stay on budget without sacrificing style or quality.  That's what we do best. 

Our Imagination in Design, and unique, character-driven plans that reflect the needs of our home owners has become our  hallmark. With an emphasis on functional design that balances the old with the new, Smart Custom Homes has become the builder of choice for home buyers looking for unsurpassed quality and detail.


How to begin the  Smart Custom Homes process: 

  • Bring in your ideas and we will help you custom design a great plan 

  • Already have a plan, that's great too. Come in for a meeting and talk with Bryan and Maureen to get started on your home building journey.


Our imagination for design extends past the plans for your new home. We can help with every aspect of the home building process. Coordinating the interiors of our homes is how we can ensure that every home we build feels like a Smart Custom Home. Our homes have a warmth, comfort and style that is unmatched. The ultimate goal is to create the kind of place that comes to mind when you hear the word "Home"... It's where you always want to be.

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